Energy Crisis or Leadership Crisis, which is it? New Hampshire media has bombarded us with countless stories over the past year about the high costs of energy in the state ….. and the effect that it has on the business community as a whole, and on the manufacturing sector in particular.  In light of the new Trump administration’s obvious goal of keeping jobs in America, new jobs and job retention will be in the news cycle for years to come.  What can New Hampshire do to keep and grow jobs in the state, especially manufacturing jobs that can be filled with less than a 4 year degree workforce training? If energy costs are truly a barrier to these goals, what can be done both short term and long term to to remove or lower this barrier.  More importantly, what can businesses do either on their own, or with the help of state “government”, to hurdle over this apparent problem.  Over the next 12 months we will endeavor to present a 24 part series of short articles (2/month) to facilitate that effort without reinventing the wheel.  Moreover, we will try to point you in the right (non-partisan) direction towards real solutions.  Unfortunately, “energy” is just one area of our economy that tends to be co-opted by both political parties towards one extreme solution or the other …… when in fact “all of the above” is the only solution that can achieve the most cost effective long term energy solution for New Hampshire.  As a volunteer effort, ………..don’t shoot the messenger.  However, constructive feedback is always welcome, both on this site and in our social media channels.  This is an aggressive schedule for meaningful content, so if somewhere along the way we fall behind when life gets in the way, we will try our best to get back on track. Cheers!

Volume 1 I’m a business, what can I do immediately to lower my electrical energy costs.
Volume 2 High electrical energy costs: how did we get here?
Volume 3 How does ISO-NE effect my costs in NH?
Volume 4 Will one new transmission line in NH fix the problem of high costs?
Volume 5 Why should I care about Net Metering of electricity?
Volume 6 How will the future electrical energy grid effect me?
Volume 7 Will one new Natural Gas Pipeline in NH fix the problem of high costs?
Volume 8 How do I develop my own company energy plan?
Volume 9 How do I incorporate “efficiency” measures in my energy plan?
Volume 10 Our 3 Energy Market Disruptors
Volume 11 NH’s Ten Year State Energy Strategy
Volume 12 Do my elected representatives have my back?
Volume 13 Biomass Heating Comes of Age
Volume 14 What are”emerging technologies”, and can they help me?
Volume 15 How can using solar PV panels help me?
Volume 16 HB1116- The PUC Order on Net Metering is delivered, and now what?
Volume 17 Energy Efficiency Benefits NH Businesses
Volume 18 Purchasing Electricity directly from ISO-NE
Volume 19 What are Zero Net Energy Buildings (ZNEB)?
Volume 20 It’s Lonely in Hearing Room A
Volume 21 Its time to Raise the Net Metering Project size limit to 5 MW in NH
Volume 22 “NH’s Energy Future is Now”: What did we learn?
Volume 23 Why All NH Energy Stakeholders should support Sen Innis’s proposed bill that keeps NH’s small power output inside NH (LSR 18-2720.0 )
Volume 24 A Final Word on the Albatross that is Northern Pass


THE END……………………..